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viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2018

Banks & Chaos & Minimalism

Dante's Inferno - The Divine Comedy

".. Banks don’t need to do any real business anymore to make money.

They get to borrow practically unlimited funds nearly interest-free from the central banks, and then loan that same money right back to the federal government at a higher rate of interest.  They provide mortgages to home buyers,  then flip those mortgages to one of the federal government housing agencies essentially guaranteeing the bank a zero-risk profit.  They get to milk their customers with all sorts of unnecessary fees, paying interest on deposits in return.  They even get to steal from their customers through outright fraud - fraud which, despite all their compliance and scrutiny, conveniently fails to be detected by internal watchdogs.  And ultimately, when they screw it all up, they get to whine about how they’re too important to fail and demand a taxpayer-funded bailout.

With all of these guaranteed profits and safety nets, banks don’t actually have much incentive to do any real banking business anymore aside from multi-billion deals with big market companies"..

Some words have been omitted to improve understanding
Simon Black - The Sovereign Ma


Today, the banking spirit has moved toward the pure benefit and away from the aim to help people moving forward.

In recent days, the 
Spanish Court resolutions are backing up the benefits opposing judgemental decisions that established Banks ruled to pay for governmental taxes on mortgages.  This fact only means Capital has begun to rise from the pit and now plays a visible role in mainstream society at all levels.  From now on, the figure of a person who speculates to earn cash will be in a clean frame of mind when taking that profit from someone else's gain.

The phrase: "today, I have to find someone to take cash from.." is about to turn into our logical survival kit. The concept "gaining" is about to change for "taking" therefore, stealing will systematically become accepted in society as something quite natural between us.  The taxman will have to strengthen techniques to catch those who drive themselves copying maneuvres from the economy engineers, and those who will not proceed regularly with the mandatory social contributions.  All advanced societies will soon produce a bankrupt. Soon we'll see a collapse in the politics, it's happening already. Then, a chaotic situation in the capital-driven communities will begin to be depicted everywhere pretty soon. 

This might sound a little sad in real terms but the direction all behavioral issues in rich countries are following at present times can only point toward a very critical scenario.

Let us think a little about "chaos" in social terms within a post-plennum economical momentum.  Having in mind the 1% of the whole planets' population are condensing 50% of the richness we all produce, would it not be wiser to not continue like this to then maintain the living in realities like those Mr. George Orwell, Aldous Huxley or Ray Bradbury depicted in their excellent works of literature become just that, works of writing? 

Chaos, like many others, is a word with multiple interpretations, although most of them can point toward an uncontrolled situation, in some cases, the fact may be taken as an attractive issue.  Though this time, we are coming back to its original real meaning: the community catastrophe. 

Confusion, disarray, mayhem, dirtiness, disorganization, untidiness, etc.., will apply and thus, new personalities will arise to take a certain control.  The brilliant but decadent scenography of George Miller will begin.  The Minimalist behavior will be imposed. No one will be capable of thinking with any complexity.  Physics, astronomy, philosophy, nature, maths, literature, arts, industry, commerce, etc.., all of which we feed on will cease to exist. 

Welcome to the beginning of the end of the social 

Get ready..


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