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sábado, 16 de mayo de 2015

Chris Hedges turned the disOBEDIENCE light on

War infects human reason through a distorted picture of what life truly is.  Since the second world war, the Lords of Combat have woken up to earn sufficient money to buy a structure which will describe and produce the idea we all follow as a dream existence.  They use every means in their hands to put such concept into the mind of an individual, regardless of expense..

Thus, we all should obey to succumb into modern slavery hopelessly.

Up to this day, this clever method has worked brilliantly.  

They still keep trying: .."A database built by the Peace Research Institute Oslo in Norway, together with Uppsala University in Sweden, lists a total of 416 armed conflicts since 1946, of which 332 are “intrastate”, 63 interstate and 21 “extrastate”, a term that covers colonial wars of liberation. In its plenitude the list includes civil conflicts that no one would see as a war".. (source)

In a near future, things will change for them.  Societies are gaining experience, gathering thoughts, compiling newer methods for exercising a sound living to then start a new "war".  This conflict without violence will bring us global peace, social coherence and utmost and foremost care for our whole environment and ourselves.

I would stake my humble life on it..