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martes, 5 de mayo de 2015

Young MASTERS rise strong from a sea of misfits

A warrior is a person who fights in a combat, that who uses weapons to defend a territory and a society against a certain menace. That someone has little to do with the new breed of people who come to public life in due time for a simple reason: to make us all fully aware we are blindly destroying the planet without caring a bit.  

We can gather that idea just from looking either at todays case, the advanced and privileged young mind of Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, or at the case of Boyan Slat, who begun a few years ago with a solid argument to make us understand how a young mind can decipher a complex problem of sea pollution (he has now managed to grow a big platform where a simple idea solves a complex natural massive inconvenient).  Another example would be Birke Baehr, now around fifteen years of age, is a precocious organic farmer. He publicly exposed in a TED talk four years ago the industrial farms as hidden away on purpose to perform the damaging intensive farming, defending local agriculture and attacking big companies like Monsanto..

Looking at these three cases alone, from this small corner of humble opinion, we can rest assured and be prepared to speak out loud there is a new brood of humans who are going to put a solid end to our increasingly stupid philosophies of an evolutionary natural mayhem.  Either from their own personal convictions or those forced into their minds by their own progenitors or environment, their work will determine a human shift at a global scale.

In a decade, maybe two, the global social thinking and acting will evolve to reach a naturally coherent common ground. The Earth will then be able to reborn nearly from it's own ashes like the phoenix, to make the necessary sustainable utopia come true once and for all.

Time will tell (if we last long enough) to see it happen..