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martes, 28 de abril de 2015

How a DEATH ending rules an improper existence

I shall never forget we are here to help others trace a correct path toward a final outcome, all that as happy as I possibly can.

Sometimes in life, we may need to construct enlightening phrases by utilising simple and artful grammar.  These carefully combined words will sometimes be sufficient to globalise each and every purpose to keep us walking on to believing the track we follow is just fine.  Although these would just be mere thoughts, feelings and sensations, they will represent the simple truth every one is seeking in life.

Since every day common routine drives us away from this simple purspose, to then make us manifest and feel a predilection upon materialistic issues, we tend to continously forget the reason which really drives the miracle of our existence.  Our death, as we actually picture it, seems to be an end to a long journey through which we develop fullfilling experiences including our own replication, our personal enjoyment and, perhaps, the interaction among ourselves and nature, hopefully, in a sustainable way.  As such, death itself, surpasses its temporarily elongated meaning to, thereafter, be turned around and compressed into a sudden moment in which everything we are prone to explore, ends a as dramatical outcome.  

Either being through an announced medical diagnosis with a "fatal" illness, a natural aging end or a sudden "fatal" accident, we all normally gather it as a momentary instant in which we stop breathing and then we cease to exist forever.  Much has been said upon the process of dying.  Many cultures have develop interestingly juxtaposed theories perhaps trying to draw different pictures of that end to our reality, the real edge of our consciousness.

A simple and different way of picturing this complex matter might be as Rupert Spira puts it:

     "When you go to sleep, everything you know about yourself dissapears.., thoughts, feelings, your world, your body.., all the knowledge you've accumulated, your hopes.., everything dissapears.  Not only you do not fear it, but actually look forward to it..".

In that respect, it is as if our identity has mostly been wrongly applied upon the wrong matters in a thoughtless or superficially experienced life.  The awareness of an individual as the own thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions depends only on how much we know about ourselves.  Thus, we must spend much longer time inside us and stop searching for explanations outside, since the answers to our destination major questions seem to be originated in our own internal self.

The experience of being aware is key to solve this entangled puzzle.  Once we figure out how to get inside ourselves to observe the principles properly, we'll immediately cease to fear upon our dissapearance.  Once we adapt the same practical principle which makes us not fear the moment when we go to sleep, we shall overcome the panic we feel to the unknown next step of our supposed infinite track of existence.

If only we considered we are energy and not simply mere matter, that fuzzy picture we can't fully read, would then be focused cristal clear..