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viernes, 24 de abril de 2015

The ACQUIESCENCE derives from perplexion, demoralisation or lack of patience?

This is a reply to ThinkingMammal's opinion posted on CE linked below.

".. Real change can only occur if the public takes it upon themselves to seek out the information. Get an education, learn the science and help develop better systems and processes for generating energy or producing essential goods; get a law degree and help fight corporate exploitation of poorly written laws and legislature for their own greed; get involved in politics and help steer the course of you countries decisions on domestic or foreign affairs issues; there’s so much that we can all do – following asinine articles such as this and re-posting on Facebook (this is how I got to this page) does so little it might as well be nothing. Inaction is acquiescence".


Yes you're right, but if you allow me, there's a little precision to be considered..

We can't all stand upfront to solve every existing social problem, it would be a complete turmoil.  Those who like a certain protagonism among crowds, those who have solving problem capacities and the courage to confront them, those are the candidates needed on the grid, they are the people you are referring to.  But those ones you trust must grow within ourselves, already exist and i assure you they try much harder than what you and most people do think these days we get splashed out with a corruption overflow.  They stood up long ago to fight the stress we are submitted to, though information misinforms quite dangerously all over the planet, actually.

However, we'll all soon realise that's not the right way ahead.  If we don't turn our direction dramatically, either left or right, we'll keep gaining speed till we won't be able to break before crashing against the concrete wall that really rules the planet we live in (nature). 

Although social power is more exciting than money itself, we must understand one brings the other into play and allows, quite clearly, most candidates on the stage to live pretty well out of the powerfull benefits.  For that reason, societies as we know them are about to experience a slowing process which will let them run less worried on what they materially possess than on how they really should experience life appropriately.  One humbly gathers, there are going to be a series of two or three generations before we see that happenning.  The process will follow a natural path.., that is to say, no human artificial handling will occur.

We all know money rules at the moment, as it has been doing since it was discovered as a means of sharing human effort and mental capacity.  If we can see the one per cent of the actual society gathering most of it in their own sacks.., what would be the reason..!? To then burn it later..!? To even buy more things..!? To whipe their noses with the actual notes..!?  The ruling capacity of money itself is what we need to burn down to ashes, something which is soon going to happen for sure.

The rest will follow.

We must persevere with patience.  Every day is a day less to get to see how the art of life fully 
enters into our stubborn heads instead of having to be masterfully painted on a old and humble external house wall..