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jueves, 2 de julio de 2015

Feel me: I am an electronic-fleshy pixel just about to leap among all layers..

Are we true particles standing in a reality-game integrated to distract a superior mind?  We think right there lays the path we must follow to unveil such an unrealistic view of our untrue reality.

High ranked current scientists involved in the fields of research and education are pretty sure we are begining to believe we are all part of what can be described as another being's existence.  That which is still undefined though seems to have always been controlling our evolution in life through time.  Nick Bostrom, Professor in the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford University and founding Director of the Future of Humanity Institute and of the Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology within the Oxford Martin School, presented his so-called "simulation argument" some years ago and that theory is still widely debated among many scientists.  If we omit the mathematical part of the argument, it starts with "the assumption that future civilisations will have enough computing power and programming skills to be able to create what some call "ancestor simulations".

Our guess, for the sake of finding a answer to our continuous questioning on how miraculous our individual process of creation is, and also our spatial interaction with the planetary reality in which we think we exist autonomously, the experience we have gathered so far points out this process might be easily viewed as a simple game played by a sole superior being or simply by an outer and gigantic mind.

This foreign being can be mathematically and geometrically controlled either by an organic or inorganic being.  Real science developments, like these shown on both above and bottom videos, demonstrate the human mind is still superior to any inorganic computerised machine but.., for how long?

In less than ten years, considering the actual rate of evolution in science, we'll probably see how knowledge creates an autonomous being capable of thinking it is real and unique, therefore capable of developing a propper mind and ego. "It" will constitute a pronoun with a new and broader meaning. 

Thus we must wonder: how will we describe a third layer of interaction? What about a fourth? Is there a fifth? Does it keep on going endlessly? Are we developing a volumetrical never ending expansion like that seen at scale in our universe? Are we real matter or electronic images of other things? Are we machines made by another being? Are we autonomous at all or manipuled elements from another scale?

These and a thousand more questions will turn up if we consider that reality is a succession of events. Quantum Physics, Robotics and Astronomy combined will soon solve the misteries we have as we go on.  But, are we prepared to recognise the outcoming truths?

I begin to wonder if we are prepared to face the act of that kind of thinking at all..

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