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jueves, 7 de abril de 2016

ALLAN WATTS and the real dream killer

"Our success is a failure"..

"We must try to think of death as the same thing as when one goes to sleep and never wakes up. Everybody is I, when one dies, one gets born.  

The organism we live in is enormous, we are particles of sand in the desert.

The electronic reproduction of life we run home to see isolates people, an invention of a mindless crowd".


Born is whoever feels an existence, (s)he tastes all the infinite flavours and sees consciously the marvels around the own self.  Reality comes to us in very different manners, though it has well been defined for us in multiple shapes that have been carved by our ever evolving idea of the present, past and future.  We have been given the capacity to think so we need to imagine to gather these facts as "true truth" within our own being.

As Alan Watts describes along more than four hundred talks he has archieved during his teaching lifetime, we have constructed a reality which has little to do with what is really surrounding us.  If we start analising the appetiations of our senses, we may be able to understand that other creatures in our planet hear, taste, see, smell and feel everything in such a diffent way to us, that reality becomes suddently abstract to us due to the complexity of its forms.

Gathering information to be able to understand the whole is the key to ensure a profitable existence..